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OPBIO Business Stratigy

Business Using Biological Resources





OPBIO emphasizes on a natural product discovery company with biological resources collected from the rich biodiversity of Japan as our main services. Our business model involving natural products research is summarized in the following diagram.

Business Strength of our Products and Services


Business Strength 1

OP BIO Factory's Key Point of Business Strength Are


. Marine bioresource collection capabilities
  OPBIO makes use of the expertise from the previous marine survey company and has specialists in collecting marine bioresources, including the founder/CEO Akihiko Kanamoto. We also maintain an alliance network with Fishermen, divers, fishing cooperatives, universities, institutes and aquarium all over Japan. These facilitate access to Japan’s diverse marine natural resources.
. Diversity analysis platform
  The platform (database and diversity analysis system) is used to eliminate duplication of compounds contained in natural products samples. Analysis is carried out in the shortest possible time to determine novel and known compounds. It enables us to build and provide a natural products library with wide varieties of compounds of high quality to meet the needs of our clients.
. OPBIO Factory phenotypic screening
  A combination of relevant techniques and expertise on marine bioresources collection capabilities resulted in our own compound screening method related to natural products drug discovery. The conventional compound search method can be disruptive, so an innovation to this has become a core technology of our research projects. Using this in-house screen, we have succeeded in finding an antifungal drug candidate from a marine actinobacterium, and currently pursuing development of this compound.