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  • Head Office  MAP
    Okinawa Life Science 107 
    5-8 Suzaki, Uruma- City 
    Okinawa Prefecture 
    Japan  〒904-2234

  • Uruma Institution MAP
    Okinawa Science & Technology 
    Promotion Center 3F 
    12-75 Suzaki, Uruma-City 
    Okinawa Prefecture 
    FAX :+81(98)982-1332
  • Okinawa Health BioTechnology
    Research Center Map
    12-75 Suzaki, Uruma-City
    Okinawa Prefecture   
    Head Office TEL:+81 (098)891-8280

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OPBIO facilities

OPBIO Laboratories

OPBIO has facilities located at Okinawa Science and Technology Promotion Center, Okinawa Health Biotechnology Research Center and Okinawa Life Science Research Center in Uruma City, Okinawa, Japan.  Our facilities and equipment are well designed for conducting strain isolation, identification, preservation and small to large-scale fermentation. We have access to state-of-the-art equipment for purification, structure elucidation and synthesis of natural products.

Okinawa Life Science Research Center 
5-8 Suzaki Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture
    LSC Map               
Head Office 

  Fermentation                                      Screening


Compound Isolation &Drying               Analitical Equipment           Storage 

Okinawa Health Bio Technology Research Center                  
12-12 Suzaki, Uruma-City                                       
Okinawa Prefecture                                            
     Bio Center                                                     
Bio Center 

Analitical Equipment           


Okinawa Science & Technology Promotion Center                  
12-75 Suzaki, Uruma-City                                       
Okinawa- Prefecture                                            
     LSC Access      

P1 laboratories         


P2 laboratories         


Bio-imaging-related equipment       


 Culture-related Facilities    


 Extraction and Purification


 Storage Facilities