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 Company's policy on Protection of Personal Information

OPBIO Factory protects the information and interests of every individuals personal information in every kind of situation that arises while working on every kind of Business deals by complying with the Japanese local law. OPBIO Factory has always given the first priority to protect the privacy of clients, fellow employees and the company’s confidential information and assets.

OPBIO Factory's Policy on Personal Information Protection

  • (1) If OPBIO Factory requires information of an individual (hereinafter referred to as "the person in question"),
        including clients, will request explicitly in advance by providing the purposes eith by notifying or with written consent/permission of the person in question.
      (2) OPBIO Factory is always bound according to Japanese local laws in order to require personal information.

    Using Personal Information



    Personal Information of individuals or clients are accessed by specific authority that has security clearance from OPBIO Factory for the business purpose only.

    Information shared with third Party



    OPBIO Factory does not provide personal information to the third parties unless the personal in question gives fully consent. However this will not be the case if there is a legitimate reason, it is provided according to Japanese local law policy. 

    Privacy Management of Personal Information



    (1) OPBIO Factory has specifically appointed personal information management officer in each and every
      Department/Division that deals and manages personal information. The Officer takes appropriate safety
      measures for the protection of personal information.
    (2) OPBIO Factory takes appropriate safety measure for unauthorized access to personal information,
      loss of personal information, destruction, damages and against risks such as tampering and omissions.
    (3) If the person in question wants to entrust the handling of their personal information to a third party,
      OPBIO Factory will take appropriate steps for supervision on handling the personal Information.

    Updating, Disclosing, Suspending and disposal of Personal Information

  • OPBIO Factory will be updating, disclosing, suspending and disposing of personal information at the request of the person in question according to our prescribed procedures.

    Commitment for Personal Information Protection



    OPBIO Factory has established a compliance program for the protection of personal information, and conducts an ongoing review and improvement by regular auditing.




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