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We have a unique natural product collection in collaboration with universities, fishermen and skilled professional divers throughout the nation.

BioLogical Resource 1

Biological Resource 2

We provide various libraries prepared from marine macroorganisms, microbes (actinomycetes, filamentous fungi, other bacteria) and from microalgae. Screening of the library is also available. The extract and fraction libraries are prepared with minimum duplication of compounds by performing diversity analysis using UPLC-HRMS data.


Marine Life

OPBIO has 600 marine macroorganisms such as sponges, soft corals and large blue green algae in its collection. Ethyl acetate and n-butanol extracts of 200 organisms are currently available in our library.
Our samples are stored as dried powder material (ca. 500g) and are available for resupply. We can recollect samples if required. We can also collect samples of specific species upon request.
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Micro Organism 

OPBIO has a diverse collection of 8,876 marine-derived microbial strains (actinomycetes, filamentous fungi and other bacteria). Some of these microbial strains originate from not easily accessible locations such as undersea caves and deep sea.
The living microbial strains, fermentation extracts and fractions thereof can be provided.
We also collect and evaluate microbial strains with
strains with assimilation and utilization activities, such as oil degradation, upon request.
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Micro Algae

Microalgae attract special attention as a bioresource for chemical products and health food, especially for biofuels, fatty acids, and polysaccharides.
Microalgae are isolated from collected marine samples such seawater, marine life and seabed sediment. We have isolates of blue-green algae, dinoflagellates, green algae and diatoms that are rich in diversity. In addition, symbiotic algae from molluscs and coelenterates are also isolated.
OPBIO currently has 2,000 microalgal isolates and 960 ethyl acetate extracts available. The algal strains, dried algae, extracts and fractions can be provided as materials.
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Edible & Functional Strains of Lactic Acid, Bacteria & Yeast

In Okinawa, people have unique fermented food. Miki, a primitive sake, is one of the undeveloped isolation sources for lactic acid bacteria and yeasts. We collect information on local fermented food for more efficient collection of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts.
Our library (867 isolates) contains functional strains. For example, in a joint research with Okinawa National College of Technology, we have discovered a lactic acid bacterium with tyrosinase inhibitory activity.
OPBIO provides living strains and fermentation extracts. Collection of strains with a specific function can also be undertaken.
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OPBIO is building a marine natural product compound collection, with 100 currently available, complete with the necessary analytical data. The compounds can be purchased individually or dispensed in 96-well screening plates.
We are the sole commercial supplier in the world for 80% of the compounds in our collection.
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