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Business Purpose


The combined areas of seas of Japan, territorial waters and exclusive economic zone (EEZ) is ranked sixth in the world, with a breadth and magnitude as the world's fourth largest in terms of volume. Of the 230,000 known species that inhabit the seas of the world, about 34,000 (14.6%) marine species inhabit the Japanese waters. In this regard, it can be said that Japan’s marine biological resources powers is one of the best in the world.
Marine living resources have not yet been fully utilized compared to terrestrial natural products that have been referred to as almost exhausted in drug discovery. It is possible to use effectively precious marine
bioresources by unlimited access to the area of drug discovery.
OP Bio Factory Co., Ltd. (Uruma City, Okinawa) has one of the world's diverse
d yet underutilized Japanese marine bioresources. The company was established to forsee the development from marine resources using new materials and products that are important in a variety of areas such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals.

Business: The Steps of Business models







Our company focus on the following three business models:
(1) Marine bioresource and natural product library (On-demand construction and sales)
  We provide library to clients looking for compounds which are potential candidates for drugs and functional substances. We collect a variety of marine bioresources (marine macroorganisms, microbes, micro-algae) and construct bioresource libraries. We prepare extract, fraction and single compound libraries from the bioresources that we have collected.
(2) Compound screening support projects
  We provide screening support in research for specific compounds from our marine bioresources, extracts, fractions and single compound libraries.
(3) Research collaboration and licensing out
  We Develop OPBIO's potential lead Compound(s) by collaborative projects or by licensing it out to the clients. We utilize our alliances (academia, institute and companies) and in-house technology for the discovery of biologically active compounds.



Key Differentation

Our founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President, Mr. Akihiko Kanamoto, studied marine biology in the university and has worked previously as a specialist of marine bioresources collection at the marine survey company. His network includes universities/research institutes, research vessels, and specialized agencies with strong ties to fisher-men and nationwide fisheries cooperatives. Marine bioresources collection (sampling) capability backed by shis networks are strong points.
The second differentiation point is our proprietary diversity analysis platform.
The platform (database and diversity analysis system) is used to eliminate duplication of compounds in the marine bioresources collected by the excellent sampling abilities that are described above.  Analysis of the samples are carried out within the shortest possible time, and performs segregation of unknown, new and known compounds. This enables us to build and provide a natural products library with a wide variety of compounds that is of high quality to meet the needs of our clients.
Third differentiated point is OPBIO phenotypic screening
A combination of relevant techniques and expertise on marine bioresources collection capabilities resulted in our own compound search method which related to natural products drug discovery. The conventional compound research method can be disruptive, so the phenotypic screening innovation has become a core technology of our research projects.
Last differentiation point is our alliances.
There are companies and research institutions with distinctive technologies for the effective use of marine natural resources. We have strategic alliances with the researchers in the universities and companies that has enabled us to utilize their resources and provide services. By utilizing our alliances, the Japanese academia and the public can have access to highly diverse Japanese species and natural product libraries.

Management Team


CEO & President: Akihiko Kanamoto (MS: Marine Ecology)
CSO: Ray Lam (Ph.D: Bio Chemestry) 
Vice-President: Kiyotaka Akiyama (Ph.D: Science)  
Executive Director: Yasumichi Fukuda (Ph.D: Pharmacology) 
General Manager: Takeshi Fujiwara (Ph.D: Marine Science)

OP BIO Factory Scientific Team


OP BIO Factory Administrative  Team